Who We Are

The HWY21 Corridor Crimewatch is society that was formed as a response to the recent significant increase in rural crime along Highway 21.  This association was formed with the intent of uniting all communities within the footprint of the Three Hills Detachment of the RCMP in order to maximize the effectiveness of the Crimewatch to be "the eyes and ears" of the RCMP.

The HWY21 Corridor Crimewatch has been actively working with the Three Hills Detachment of the RCMP creating procedures and infrastructure to facilitate "real time" reporting of suspicious activity.  Further, the Crimewatch provides a comprehensive list of all video surveillance equipment in all communities along the corridor as well as contact information of Crimewatch members tasked with roles in each separate community.

What We Do

Membership is open to all farmers and ranchers and other individuals or oil companies (rural or municipal residents) in the Highway 21 Corridor region. The purpose of Rural Crime Watch is to provide resources and to work with local RCMP, Fish & Wildlife officers, and other enforcement agencies to identify suspicious activity or unlawful activities and to report these occurrences to the appropriate officers for enforcement.

Volunteers with the Highway 21 Corridor Crime Watch are the eyes & ears for the enforcement services. It's neighbours looking after each other!

The areas of the Highway 21 Corridor have joined under one administrative body to be more effective and to reduce the administrative tasks. We have an  e-mail system which we use to broadcast information warning for concerns such as:

-a particular vehicle prowling the rural areas
-individuals passing fraudulent cheques, POs or counterfeit currency
-information on stolen property
-information on missing individuals
-watch-out notices for specific stolen property
and more
This information is broadcast to all members and the system is only used for police or crime prevention matters. WE ARE MAKING AN IMPACT WITH CRIME PREVENTION!